Grey Alphabets - Jasper Johns, 1956
From the Art Institute of Chicago:

The painting Gray Alphabets (1956) takes as its subject the building blocks of the written word, which are incorporated into a collaged newspaper substructure. Indeed, newspaper figures prominently throughout Johns’s production, as the artist felt it provided a rough texture and activated the surface in a way resonant with the artist Robert Rauschenberg’s observation that “the first stroke in the painting had its own unique position in a gray map of words.” Gray Alphabets also plays with the graying of the black-on-white printed elements when seen from the distance required to take in the full canvas. It is not only Johns’s first alphabet painting but also the first in which the word “gray” appears in the title.

Self Portrait - Mary Cassatt, c. 1880

From the Grotte des Combarelles
Magdalenien age, around 13,000 BP.

Gemma Ward by Nick Knight

Joseph Mallord William Turner RA (23 April 1775[1]–19 December 1851)
 Chichester Canal’s vivid colours may have been influenced by the eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815.

El Jaleo - John Singer Sargent, 1880